Drywall, or sheetrock, is one of the components of building a house. It’s what your walls and ceilings are made out of, and there’s a proper way to put it up. You need to pick the right kind of drywall, and then also make sure it’s the right thickness.

Once all that is done, and you’ve prepared the area where the drywall will be placed, all you need are some screws. Most drywall sheets are around 4 feet by 8 feet, and have varying degrees of thickness depending on the room you put them in. The drywall pieces need to fit into your wall like pieces of a puzzle, so measurement is key.

Common Problems with Sheetrock

However, while putting up sheetrock is admittedly easy once you know what to do, there are a few common mistakes people can make. Then they often need to call for drywall repair league city, and that’s not a fun call to make!

The first one has to do with the screws that are used to drill the drywall into the wooden support beams. You should know where the support beams are, otherwise you’ll end up with a swiss cheese celling!

Make sure to put a pencil mark on the walls before you start hanging drywall. If you can measure out where the wood is, then you’ll be able to drill once and get the screw in.

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Electrical outlets

You certainly want to make sure that the drywall fits easily around your electrical outlets, to avoid broken drywall or trouble plugging your devices in. Make sure to check the fit of your drywall and make any cuts or adjustments before you fasten the drywall to the wall. This saves a lot of patching in the long run.

Making sure to avoid these drywall mistakes can save both time and money in the long run, so make sure to follow the old carpenter’s saying: Measure twice, cut once!