The numerous conditions and diseases being treated are at the hands of a registered, practicing and specialist urologist, ideally one who has some experience dealing with the conditions. Whilst the urologist charleston sc clinic will have some of the finest medical technologies and apparatus at its disposal, academic knowledge and hands-on experience has to play an important role. Problems of the bladder are being treated.

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All manner of bladder infections are being treated. There is such a condition known as bladder stones. Note too that the urologist also treats the more familiar kidney stones. Other bladder conditions being treated are bladder control problems – this entails urinary incontinence, frequency and urgency – and a condition known as benign prostatic hypertrophy, otherwise known as BPH or an enlarging of the prostate.

Would you believe that the urologist also deals with erectile dysfunction? So before you reach out for your magic pills, go and see a urologist instead. The urologist is also the best person to consult when cultural or religious circumcisions need to be conducted. Cancer forming conditions – bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer – are also being treated. Specialty treatment areas include urologic oncology and general urology.

General urology deals with BPH, ED and kidney stones, while urologic oncology responds to the man’s bladder, kidneys and testes. Laparoscopy procedures are also being carried out by the urologist. The urologist has advanced technologies at his disposal. Advanced robotics are able to provide robotic procedures related to prostatectomy, ureterectomy and renal cyst decortication or un-roofing.

Robotic ureteral re-implantations will also be carried out. So the next time you’re having trouble keeping it in, or trouble in the bedroom, don’t rush out for over the counter solutions, go and see a registered, qualified and experienced urologist instead.