For many people missing all of their teeth, dentures provide them with a restoration option that allows them to smile once again. However, the benefits of dentures for missing teeth stops there and most people find them uncomfortable, unnatural and otherwise a pain. Dental implants are an alternative to dentures and for many people, it’s the best option around. Take a look at the top seven reasons when you recommend you learn more about the tooth implant process clinton if you need tooth restoration service.

1.    Dental implants look more like the real teeth because they’re placed into the jaw using a titanium screw.

2.    Want to maintain bone structure? Of course you do, since this holds your facial shape. You cannot do this wearing dentures but with dental implants, it is no longer a worry.

3.    If you think the costs of dental implants are out of your budget, keep in mind that financing options often provide financial help for qualified patients.

4.    You can expect a lifetime of use from the dental implants, much longer than the average eight year dentures lifetime.

5.    Want to eat and talk naturally? That may not be possible when wearing dentures but fear not if dental implants are chosen. They help you thrive, not take away the small things that matter so much.

tooth implant process clinton

6.    It is 2020 and dental implants are the modern tooth restoration option that everyone is using. You don’t want to be on the lone train and use dentures.

7.    Confident is an important trait that doesn’t come easily when missing teeth. Dental implants help ease some of that worry since they look and feel so real. You can get the confidence you want when wearing dental implants.

Isn’t it time to talk to your dentist to learn more about dental implants and the benefits they offer to your smile?